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Level 7

Screenshots through web portal intermittently failing

Starting seeing issues recently with screenshots taken through the web portal at the ROKU's ip address sometimes being corrupted or not returning.

It says success but no screenshot is shown, and if you try to navigate to where the screenshot jpeg usually is you get a 404 not found 

Error 404: Not Found
File not found

Is there a regression in the latest OS causing screenshot issues for some devices?

<model-name>Roku Premiere+</model-name>

Turning the roku off and on helps for a little bit but not long. Also did a factory reset that only temporarily solved the problem.

RokuScreenshot.jpgScreen Shot 2020-11-17 at 3.19.41 PM.png

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Level 12

Re: Screenshots through web portal intermittently failing

I have not had problems with screenshots but I do remember someone else with the issue I don't know what device they had. I don't have premiere so I don't know if it is device specific issue. 


Try changing screenshots to png and see if that helps. 

Press Home five times, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up.

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Level 7

Re: Screenshots through web portal intermittently failing

Thanks, I tried both JPEG and PNG, both with the same issue.

I do seem to have narrowed down that this is only occurring on devices with UI-Resolution set to 1080P. Seems to work ok on 720P devices.

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