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Reel Rookie

Screensaver refreshes & restarts repeatedly

Hey folks! I'm running into the same problem on two screensavers that I've published: MTA Subway Status & Home Gym Workout

Upon launch, the app loads some globals, creates a scene, and triggers a GA launch event. Then it enters a 5 minute loop `wait(60000*5)` that regularly refreshes screen content and triggers a GA "heartbeat" event. All of this functionally works fine and I've got quite a few users for the MTA screensaver

However, both screensavers relaunch randomly, every few minutes, before the loop is supposed to end (black screen blips, and the whole thing reloads, triggering a new launch event in GA). This leads to extra launch events / bad CX, since the screen blips every few minutes. 

Has anyone else run into / solved this problem? I'm running a fixed time loop, but the screensaver just redraws the scene on it's own every few minutes.

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