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Level 8

Screen strobing/flashing only on Roku Stick with SceneGraph Update

We have a channel that we recently updated to use the new SceneGraph framework. It passed Roku's testing and has been published successfully. However, we've had several users notify us that the screen "strobes" or flashes when they open up the channel. ALL of these complaints come from users using the Roku Streaming Stick (3800RW). 

When this channel was developed on a Roku 4 and Roku Ultra, this issue was not present. Neither was it apparent in Roku's testing.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? I thought it was an issue with Roku Sticks not being compatible with the new SG framework, but it doesn't seem they have issues with any other channels (which have presumably gone thru the SG updat, too), or perhaps a texture memory issue (I've seen flickering when images are too large and using too much memory). 

Any insight is tremendously appreciated. 
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Level 11

Re: Screen strobing/flashing only on Roku Stick with SceneGraph Update

I have seen this when poster sizes are different. 
May want to add this assuming it is a grid and not a list.

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