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Screen mirroring / Miracast

So a blog post ... d-devices/ yesterday announced an ambiguously Miracast-ish sounding screen mirroring,
which is to work from some new Android and Windows 8.1 devices to Roku 3 and HDMI Stick, with firmware 5.6+.

And that is great! My highest regards to those inside that made it happen!
I am sure implementing it was difficult - my mere efforts once to make WiDi work between a Netgear NeoTV and Dell laptop gave me healthy dose of fear and respect.

I have a question, how does mirroring stand from app developer's point of view?
Is it a (hidden) standalone channel - akin to "Play on Roku" one - that gets invoked, terminating the currently playing channel?
Or is it that previous channel will get paused till mirroring ends?
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