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Level 7

SceneGraph layout best practices

I have a  few layouts that use the translation attribute to position items within the layout. This layout look fine in  16:9 (780p and 1080p), however, testing in true 4:3 messes everything up. 
I assumed that SceneGraph would scale, automatically adjusting the position of  the layout, and layout children based on the aspect ratio.  I'm guessing I assume wrong.

A few questions :

  • Should the translation attribute be avoided ?

  • Is SD support required to pass certification ?

  • Can someone direct me to proper documents for responsive SceneGraph Roku design (FDH, HD, SD) ?   

The current docs are kind of vague, most of the document discuss HD and FHD support, I don't see much for SD support.
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Level 7

Re: SceneGraph layout best practices

If I remember correctly, the SD is not required but recommended. If a bit overlap happen with SD, the certification process will put it to recommendation category
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