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Level 11

Re: Scene Graph: roRegistrySection and TaskNode

Still not a big fan of spawning threads for nothing. Hmm, in the spirit of coding-while-intoxicated (that apparently RSG is), you could move all the init code into a listener to `myRegistry` field and do the work only after main() has injected there the post-JSON registry roAA. Or, i am reminding of another musing today: just don't put your eggs in the Scene basket - instead use a child of the scene that can be added later.

"softworkz" wrote:
Wow, isn't that impressive? A real revolutionary architecture...

More like,
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Level 7

Re: Scene Graph: roRegistrySection and TaskNode

I go those tasks for a reason: At startup, they are running in a certain order, but later they need to be run individually.
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