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Sales Activity database errors

This is a VERY IMPORTANT WARNING to all Roku developers, to please please please set up a spreadsheet where you can import your .cvs records DAILY, .....  * DAILY * to catch anomalies I've noticed with my own reports.

DO NOT write over your previous transactions before checking out the new report(s).  Import into a new sheet before copying over entries.

Today I noticed approximately $2,000 in missing revenue between the 5/24 report and the 5/25 report.  I would not have caught this error had I not took the time some years back to set up a spreadsheet system after Roku removed the online summaries for some unexplained reason.

Today after pulling the .cvs for "IS IN THE MONTH"  "MAY 2022" I noticed that ALL transactions for the following dates were missing:


After pulling the "IS ON OR AFTER"  "MAY 1, 2022"

The date 5/1 was missing, but all other dates appeared to be there.

I urge you to check your reports right now and see if there is any resemblance to what happened to my reports, and start a Parnter Success ticket (like I did) if you have missing dates.  We need to get to the bottom of this so that someone doesn't get a financial screwing based on a database bug that nobody has noticed yet except for me, apparently.

Other errors I've reported in the past were 2-3 days in a row where the website wouldn't give new reports at all, as if the database wasn't returning anything or that the entries were not added, perhaps.  After reporting the bug, of course the reports started working.

I'm quite nervous about these database bugs.  Are you?



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