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SDK 2.0 - Missing sample code for MaskGroup


Haven't gone that deep into the SDK 2.0. I was looking at the MaskGroup node class. I thought i could come up with a sample of my own but got an error.

Ok so this is my XML component file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!--********** Copyright 2015 Roku Corp. All Rights Reserved. **********-->
<component name="rectangleexample" extends="Scene">
<script type="text/brightscript"><![CDATA[sub init()
end sub]]></script>
<MaskGroup maskUri="pkg:/images/mask.png">
<Rectangle id="testRectangle" color="0xFF0000FF" width="1280" height="60" translation="[0,0]" />

I then proceeded to run the sample code and got this error.

Error creating XML component rectangleexample
-- Error setting the "maskUri" field of a "MaskGroup" node
-- Error found at line 8 of file pkg:/components/rectangle.xml

What gives?

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