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S3/Cloudfront slow download

The download here seems to be even worse at night on my Roku (almost published) channel,
anyone have any ideas where I might change the Amazon configuration to improve download.
I used Handbrake to convert a m4v here to a mp4 so I also wonder if its the format that is the problem. ... hillun.mp4

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Re: S3/Cloudfront slow download

It's a 2mb stream - performance/testing of cloudfront against competing cloud services in the USA give similar results (per ... dFront.pdf )
By default, cloudfront caches your content for 24 hours - to modify that you'll need to change the file headers for max-age -- the maximum allowed is 1 year.
Cloudfront might not be caching your file until after it has been requested once.
Cloudfront has a single endpoint, so changing the region your S3 bucket is in won't make any difference.

What you might do is create four or five separate streams for each piece of content, and use them all as 'adaptive bitrate streaming' - so those with fast connections get the highest quality file, and when the CDN slows down roku can change to a less demanding stream.
For adaptive streaming you could pick the bitrates listed in the encoding guide for SD content. ... ndBitrates
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