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RowList lazy loading

I am wanting to load images into a RowList in an efficient manner and have run into snags. I just saw this forum post but it didn't get into any details of why loading subsets of data didn't work and wanted to get some feedback on what I was thinking. 

I wanted to load the first few items (say 15) into each row of the RowList and then when the row gets focus I want to load another 15 items onto that row, then whenever they are 15 items from the end of the row I want to load another 15 until I've loaded them all.
The problem lies in that the rowItemFocus event only is fired when the user pauses in their scrolling, so if they push the button repeatedly it will wrap back around to the first item before it gets a chance to load any more. My two thoughts, that didn't bear any fruit, were
1. Finding some other event that fires when the user is scrolling
2. Turning off the wraparound ability of the rowlist until the full row is loaded, so that if they scroll quickly they get stuck for a second, the last item gets focus which triggers the rowItemFocus event and then when all items are loaded we turn the wraparound back on.

1. I couldn't find any other events that would work
2. I couldn't find a way to turn off the row wrapping back around to the first item.

Is there a solution to this? If not, what do you guys suggest for making the loading of items as seemless as possible?

-Carl Wecker
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Re: RowList lazy loading

I wasn't even thinking about users starting by going left. With that in mind, I agree that there isn't really a good way to do this without loading all the items for a row. I'll go ahead and abandon my attempt to load the items in chunks (: 
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Roku Guru

Re: RowList lazy loading

it can be done, with various caveats depending on the method and components used.  I have lazy loading and pagination working in RSG apps.
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