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Level 7

Roku3 isn't discoverable with UPnP tools

If you use the Windows UPNP.DLL to do SSDP or use for example Intel's UPNP device spy, the Roku3 is not discovered. The Roku2 I previously had was OK.

There is a syntax error in the response from the Roku to the multicast message to discover it

The USN returned is uuid:31475333-444b-bece-0000-0503b00f0000:upnp:rootdevice and the proper syntax should be USN uuid:31475333-444b-bece-0000-0503b00f0000::upnp:rootdevice (note the double:: between UDN and service)
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Level 11

Re: Roku3 isn't discoverable with UPnP tools

I don't think this is Roku3 vs Roku2 hardware, differences are likely due to firmware version.
My wild-donkey guess is such change must have happened around the time they were soaping the DIAL.

PS. just checked and response to "ST: upnp:rootdevice" comes with USN "...00:upnp:rootdevice" on 5.3.3063 and 5.3.4016 and "...00::upnp:rootdevice" on 3.1.1198
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