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Roku will not play Level 3 CDN streams

We are using Level 3 CDN for our live and vod streams. We been working on an issue with them for 1 week an haven't been able to resolve. We are on version 6.1 build 5604 for our Roku testing.

Here is a note from Level 3 engineering:

2015-03-26 17:57:51.923 y "GET /level3edge/ HTTP/1.1" 200 "xttfb=125;xtcwait=0;xtdwait=227"
2015-03-26 17:57:52.220 y "GET /level3edge/ HTTP/1.1" 200 "xttfb=124;xtcwait=0;xtdwait=228"
2015-03-26 17:57:52.914 y "GET /level3edge/ HTTP/1.1" 200 "xttfb=7;xtcwait=70;xtdwait=10"
2015-03-26 17:57:53.000 y "GET /level3edge/ HTTP/1.1" 200 "xttfb=122;xtcwait=0;xtdwait=226"
2015-03-26 17:57:53.566 y "GET /level3edge/ HTTP/1.1" 200 "xttfb=0;xtcwait=105963;xtdwait=1"

In all cases we serve a 200. However the important item that stands out is that the player requests the playlist, then the chunklist and then its first video asset (_6651.ts). We deliver all of those. But for some reason the player immediately requests the chunklist again and then the same asset. And this time the important factor is the field we have in the logs shown as tcwait. This is the client wait statistic and means we are waiting on the client for this period. It looks like the client keeps the server waiting for 105963ms (106 seconds) before it time out. This means the player requested the asset and we have the file to ready to deliver but the client never allows us to send it and we wait until timeout. The xttfb is the "time to first byte". You can see that on all the other requests there was a small amount of milliseconds showing we are delivering. But on the last one the player never completes the request, times out and ttfb is zero.

What the end user experiencing is "retrieving" and sits there when trying to play the live stream. If we have the end user play from a live stream from a different CDN such as Akamai and Edgecast, it simply works. Anyone experience this issue that can provide us some feedback on how we can fix? Level 3 wants us to debug to see why the Roku is not playing the ts chunks when it requested. We don't know where to start on how to debug that function.
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Re: Roku will not play Level 3 CDN streams

Was this ever resolved?
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