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Roku model analytics (Roku 1 vs Roku 2 vs Roku 3 etc..)

Just wondering if there is a dashboard/console analytics data that shows the breakdown of current active Roku devices by model.

I am asking as I am working with a developer and we are considering disabling certain functions like bitmap transitions (specifically cross fade between 2 images) on older models.

Something like:
Roku 1-12%
Roku 2-30%
Roku 3-58%

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Level 7

Re: Roku model analytics (Roku 1 vs Roku 2 vs Roku 3 etc..)

You might consider checking out Quantcast Measure for Roku Apps. It will tell you which device models are in use for your channel, plus other things such as daily usage, user retention, audience demographics and general interests (for large enough audiences). You can check out the Quantcast Roku SDK here:

You can read more about Quantcast Measure here:

Disclaimer - I work for Quantcast
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