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Roku and HDS - HTTP Dynamic Streaming (Adobe)


I searched the forums before thinking about posting, and after finding clear "no" confirmation in 2012, I also found other posts with users apparently using F4M...

I'm thinking about developing my own custom channel, so my question is, 2014, is my Roku 3 (or any other Roku device presently available) able to handle F4M streams?
(Adobe's HDS)

All the Roku documentation I have found so far only states HLS and Smooth Streaming (with or without DRM), so I'd like to confirm with you if it is currently supported or not.

Thanks in Advance!
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Roku and HDS - HTTP Dynamic Streaming (Adobe)

We don't support HDS at this time. I'm not aware of any plans to support this in the future either, but I'll ask.

- Joel
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