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Roku account credentials changed and apps disappeared

On my roku developer account and our partners account same issue. 
Someone changed email for fleming_OLDEMAIL. Notification abount email change we received in the same time. But email was not changed. 

After that we restored access, but all of our channels just disappear from our account and roku store. When you are trying to launch already installed channel it says that channel was deleted. 

We checked our gmail there were no suspicious logins during that time. Looks like Roku was hacked. 

But where is our channels?! 

Channel Surfer

Re: Roku account credentials changed and apps disappeared

Hi all.

We at Vlogbox have experienced exactly the same issue.

Our account credentials were changed, specifically login. It was changed by adding "fleming_".

We had an email, so we changed login and password.

After that we noticed that some of our channels were moved to beta or disappeared.

Are there any guesses or official points on what is going on?

Re: Roku account credentials changed and apps disappeared

Same thing for us. Email was changed for fleming_ and most of our channel disappear like they didn’t exists 

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Roku Guru

Re: Roku account credentials changed and apps disappeared

You guys are scaring the sh*t out of me.  Only a few tiny payments arrived late Friday, a Far cry from our normal.  And where do you see the hacked e-mail?  WHAT SCREEN should we look on to check if ours was hacked as well??  So far nothing has been changed from where I've looked but I'm going to weed through the whole thing.

Also, do you earn revenue and did you get paid for December's earnings in the last few days?

People always ghost my posts so I just clicked on random recent posts and see that others aren't getting ghosted, so I was going to ask basically the same question under your thread (sorry), but then it might even relate to my topic.

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