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Re: Roku Integrated Billing and adult content

"RokuJoel" wrote:
In most cases I don't think we will allow gambling on our platform at all, private or public. It would be evaluated on a case by case basis, and if you have a case where you think it would not violate any of the the laws of any the 50 states then our business team might consider if they are willing to allow it.

- Joel

Just from what little I've ever been involved with gambling... good freakin' luck with finding something not violating any of the laws in all 50 states with gambling and payments.

Some insane amounts of legal dollars have been thrown at this, and I don't think anyone has found it yet. Most slot machines have 'j-chips' for jurisdiction chips---the laws and regulations are so different. Most credit card payment companies just don't process payments for gambling establishments because they're sick of the charge-backs.
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Binge Watcher

Re: Roku Integrated Billing and adult content

Just kind of a clarification while we have you.... would billing services in a private channel without adult content be 'ok'?

Depends on the content, but yes. Private channels using billing are treated as public channels and run through the same approval process.

- Joel
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