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Roku Channel Search Fails

My channel does not appear in Roku search results despite the fact that I already have a channel description. Oddly, my channel (which has both a free and paid version) used to appear under searches for "art" (my subject category) but no longer appears. To find my channel you have to already know my channel name and enter the first 5-6 digits. Since this not feasible by most users searching by subject category (i.e. "art"), this basically renders my channel invisible on Roku. Besides entering the channel description, is there some other secret sauce necessary to have Roku search function as it should?  In case it matters, I'm in the "Lifestyle" Roku category.  BTW, I believe keywords are no longer used by Roku which may complicate searching. 

I'd appreciate any help from the Roku Team on this since finding my channel is obviously a major concern.

Thank you in advance.