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Roku 2 XS issue playing HLS with A/V Cable

I found out in the hard way that our live streaming (.m3u8) works only with 720p and 1080p on the Roku settings.
If by default the Roku is set for 4:3 or 16:9 everything works but, the HLS is just retrieving.
Live streaming spec:
h.264 baseline 3.0
640 x 480 @ ~ 700kbps
AAC-LC @ 128 kbps
If I connect the A/V cable into the Roku2 XS, it only shows 4:3 and 16:9 option. Where is the 720p option?
If I use the Roku 1, 4:3, 16:9 and 720p are available using the standard RCA cable.
The LCDV TV display 480i for our live streaming.
I know that we need to move forward with the technology, but I want to support our viewers that do not have HDMI available on their TV's.
Please advise if 720p option could be fix with Roku2 update.
I know that Roku2 XS is capable of playing this streaming. We did a little trick. We connect the HDMI cable to get the Live streaming running, then we momentary switched to A/V cable, and it works without any issues.
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Re: Roku 2 XS issue playing HLS with A/V Cable

You may want to post this in the developer forum. It's more likely to be seen by the Roku staff who can answer your questions there.
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Re: Roku 2 XS issue playing HLS with A/V Cable

I'll move the topic 🙂

C. Shawn Smith
C. Shawn Smith
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Re: Roku 2 XS issue playing HLS with A/V Cable

problem is that composite cables with not carry anything greater than 480 lines of interlaced scan, so no one who has a non-hd television or who is using composite cables will likely select a 720p option anyway. It sounds like you have your stream quality set at HD, but 640 x 480 @ ~ 700kbps isn't HD.. Try changing the stream quality tag on your code from "HD" to "SD" that way it will be available to all resolution settings
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