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Roku 2 Increase VideoPlayer dimensions


Does anyone know how to increase the size of the VideoPlayer dimensions, that way my videos play either in full screen or widescreen? I purchased the Roku2 to replace my older Roku (which did display videos in both full and wide screen). However, almost all of my videos now display in about 65% of the screen with a thick border (image canvas) surrounding the videos. Please note that my channel originally used roVideoScreen. Now that I have the Roku2, it seems that I should use the roVideoPlayer.

The TV and Roku2 are set for 720p and the canvas.GetCanvasRect() displays at x:0, y:0, w:1280, h:720. This only thing I've been able to modify is the position of the video itself inside the image canvas (which resulted in the video displayed in the upper left corner).

I'm feeling a bit discouraged after working very hard over the last year to program this channel. Switching between "Full" and "Stretch" with the TV remote is a bit of a process each time (several options to select to get to the "Stretch" feature). Currently, to deal with it, I switch it to "Stretch" after the video starts, then back to "Full" after the video ends, because the poster and list screens are too large for the "Stretch" view and getting cut off on both sides.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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