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Reel Rookie

Removing certain programs on my channel

Hi, I'm DongWon and I'm currently building and running a test channel with Direct publisher and I faced to problems with a feed.


The first feed I tested was working well when I checked. Then I realized there's a issue with uploaded contents.
I tried to disable(or freeze) the published test channel, but I couldn't find the function at dashboard of the Roku developer website.
The other option I tried was fix the feed. literally I remove the contents that has issues, and add new contents that has no issue. New contents were uploaded well but the thing is old ones with problem are still displayed on the test channel. How could I delete certain programs on my channel?


(1) Can I temporarily disable/freeze published channel?
(2) How can I remove certain programs on my channel? (fixing a feed doesn't work)
(3) What does it happened if there's duplicated id in a feed?

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Reel Rookie

Re: Removing certain programs on my channel

Thank you for your kind and detail answer @AaronMSpelling 🙂


one thing still I have issue is following:

7 days later I fixed the feed, still I could reach to the deleted program on the [continue watching] category. However I can't find them through the search menu.

one more thing I tried is removing [continue watching] category. So there's no way to get reach to the programs. And then, I add [continue watching] category back. Unfortunately, the programs should've been deleted were showed up again.

Here's my guess that there's a problem with syncing updated feed on the  [continue watching] category.

Do you have any information of this issue?

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