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Reel Rookie

Remove a channel via ECP

I'd like to automate the removal of a channel from my Roku(s).  Specifically, I'm investigating how to use ECP calls to do this.

I dont know how to deterministically use keypresses to find the app on screen, nor have I found a way to call something that would give the app the highlight on the home screen to then have keypress commands take over.

Anyone have a creative solution to this problem?  I'm also not dead set on ECP- if there is another way to do this remotely/in an automated way.

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Re: Remove a channel via ECP

I was looking for an ECP API call for this as well and stumbled upon this post. I'm curious to know what your solution ended up being. I don't believe an ECP direct command to uninstall a channel by id exists (at least I get a 404 when guessing /uninstall/appId).

The best solution I've found so far is to use the search api route, e.g. POST search/browse?title={exactAppName}&type=channel - this will search for the channel and open its channel page on your tv. Note the use of title instead of keyword; title will match on the exact name of the channel. From there programming a few remote key presses should do it (Enter [opens menu], Down [selects Remove channel], Enter [opens confirmation prompt] get the idea.

Hope this is helpful!


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