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Level 7

Remote Microphone

Will developers be able to develop apps that take advantage of the microphone built into the new Roku3 units?

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Mike Kelley
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Level 11

Re: Remote Microphone

My money goes to "no". Because:
  • If anyone's to do it, RokuCo themselves would want to release a Skype on the player

  • Huge privacy concerns of apps eavesdropping

  • Devs have been waiting for years for the B/S API to support simultaneous button presses and accelerometer from the enhanced remote
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Level 7

Re: Remote Microphone

nah, but it would be cool.

I thought about that earlier as I was playing with a camera app, would be awesome to speak into the remote and forward that stream to the speaker on the camera. 🙂

never happen though, and a lot of things above that on my wish list. :mrgreen:
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