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Registry Question

Am working on a tracking app and am being asked to make heavy use of writing to the registry - tracking counts on a permanent basis, also storing items in the registry for lazy writing to a web service on a schedule, that would need to catch unwritten items in case of an app close, to be handled the next time the channel is loaded.  These requirements, including that no items are lost, are per the spec I have been given, so I have limited wiggle room on it. 

This would be a small amount of data (<4k?) but updating several times a minute over ongoing long format binge sessions.  So many thousands, even tens of thousands, of writes over a period of months.

I know there are registry performance considerations, which I was going to try to offload into a task so the system could continue meanwhile,  This data in the registry is just an echo of some items in m.Global, in case of a channel close between scheduled web service dumps.

I have seen forum chat requesting a three to four second warning for cleanup on the channel close, which would have completely solved tris issue.  But that isn't in the cards.

My question is: Do I need to be concerned about NVRAM write lifespan as some flash memory have very limited write cycles, or is this not really an issue on the newer boxes?


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