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Level 7

Re: Registration channel help

"belltown" wrote:
That malformed xml response is being returned by your server. You don't "clear it" in your Roku.

Okay, I got it working successfully once by changing the folder name from /Roku to /Test. The code you gave me now works to clear it beautifully.

The problem I am still having is that once it gets the code it won't get another code because something is caching the result. I deleted the app from the Roku, changed the folder from Test to Test3 and it still pulls the same regcode. Here is the debugger output that shows even though the server has the regCode as 99994 it pulled abcd.

------ Running ------
showHomeScreen | msg = | index = 0
GOT: <result>

Enter registration code abcd at for 13C2CU068971
checking registration status
<creationTime>2009-06-30 01:00:00.000</creationTime>
retry duration 0 at 30 sec intervals for 900 secs max
Wait for 30
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Level 9

Re: Registration channel help

The 'GOT: ' output is what was read from your server. If you think your server is returning a different code then it could be that the Roku has cached the http response, in which case try making the query string unique (e.g. by appending a timestamp to the request).
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Level 7

Re: Registration channel help

Well I setup my own virtual server inside my house instead of using my server and now everything is working like I expect. I wonder what is/was doing to cause my issues.
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