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Re-populating an active channel not updated since 2015

I have a ROKU channel, Bucking Bull TV, that was maintained by a third party developer. I stopped putting on new content but want to do so again.

What are the steps. I have all of my developer codes but no access to what they did.

I’d like to personally program the site with the ROKU developer software but don’t know where to start.

Again, the channel is still live.

Any help would be more then deeply appreciated!!!
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Roku Guru

Re: Re-populating an active channel not updated since 2015

If you don't have and can't get a zip of the original source code the channel was built with, you'll need to rebuild it from the ground up.
Assuming the channel includes firmware components, it probably needs to be rebuilt within a year to keep working in the RSG-only future we've been told is coming Jan 1, 2019.
Depending on your timeline and the complexity of your channel, along with your ability to pick up new languages and tolerance for bugs and setbacks, doing it yourself may or may not be feasible.
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