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ROKU Advert Delivery - Track + Reporting + Earnings

II hope these points cover everything - i hope there is SOMEONE out there who can help 
Partnersuccess@roku does not respond. 

We implimented ROKU advert tags/code to use ROKU as the advert supplier to channels. In testing, we see the adverts running.
1. Nowhere to be found in manage channels is ANY tracking for how may ads played, the earnings, and projected payout (or frequency of payout) 
2. ROKU should supply the email address and or subscriber information for each subscriber to our channels.
3. Since there is no interface for Advert handling - there is no way to choose a target market - or block certain ads categories ( perhaps some channels dont want gambling ads as example)
4. If revenue sharing on content -- we need to KNOW how many ads played, what kind, and what we got (or getting) paid.
5. Nowhere is there a mention of the ROKU supplied adverts percentage of an ad placement from their pool of advertisers. 
We need to be able to compare payouts from ROKU versus ADRISE or Teleria or Livewire 

The question becomes: ROKU signed with NIELSON and other huge reporting companies - there is no sign of it anywhere.  
If you want to generate revenue from using ROKU supplied adverts -- as a "Partner" then ROKU needs to BE a partner and supply the information - this is someone else's money you are handling ROKU ! 
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