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Roku Guru

RAF, wedged

This is completely separate from that, so reporting in a new thread. A "bonus" issue, if you will. 

Seems there are situations in which the RAF (Roku Advertisement Framework) may "hang", which naturally hangs the calling app too.

Here is what i got in console:
RAF 1.7; rendering preroll pod of 1 ads
RAF 1.7; render failure: failed to create media player
^CBREAK (runtime error &hf8) in roku_ads_lib:/Roku_Ads.brs(2150)

BrightScript Debugger> bscs
                 roArray: 73
      roAssociativeArray: 525
             roByteArray: 1
       roCaptionRenderer: 3
            roDeviceInfo: 1
            roFilesystem: 1
                roGlobal: 1
           roImageCanvas: 4
      roImageCanvasEvent: 1
                 roInput: 1
                   roInt: 4
               roInvalid: 1
                  roList: 41
           roMessagePort: 41
       roRegistrySection: 1
                roString: 815
              roTimespan: 5
              roUrlEvent: 37
           roUrlTransfer: 37
           roVideoPlayer: 3
      roVideoPlayerEvent: 31
      Total # components: 1627

Perhaps it's low-memory issue but it's puzzling that it did not error but stayed hanging there (somewhere! i hope the ^C break helps to figure out what's going on).
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Re: RAF, wedged

I am experiencing the same issue. it just hangs the main thread in my app. Also video player stops working after that and always returns an error until device rebooted (however, it could be a separate issue).
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Roku Guru

Re: RAF, wedged

Are you by chance using roAudioPlayer? If you don't explicitly call Stop(), even if the music has finished playing, it was cause the RAF to hang. 
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Roku Guru

Re: RAF, wedged

Not me, i was not using roAudioPlayer - just RAFing it up.

Question is, what is on line 2150 of Roku_Ads.brs of RAF 1.7?
I could do the troubleshooting for the Co if we had access to the source. As-is, they have to do it (subject to giving a flying FAQ)...
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