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RAF sample useRokuAdsAsFallback = false

I am looking into integrating ads into my application.
I am testing the sample from the developer website.

From what I see, the ads that are returned from the URL set by

do not run if I change the first parameter from true to false

'Indicates whether the default Roku backfill ad service URL
'should be used in case the client-configured URL fails (2 retries)
'to return any renderable ads.
adIface.setAdPrefs(false, 2)

So this leads me to believe that only the fallback ads work.

This is the output I see when the app runs:
------ Running dev 'Custom Buffer Screen Scene Graph Sample' main ------
Roku_Ads Framework version 1.7
Roku_Ads_checkAllowedFeature: Parsing whitelist for ROKU_ADS_NIELSEN_ID
Roku_Ads library version: 1.7
Roku_Ads_util_getStringFromUrl: requesting URL:;_fw_ae=d8b58f7bfce28eefcc1cdd5b95c3b663;app_id=ROKU_ADS_APP_ID
Roku_Ads_util_getStringFromUrl: requesting URL:;_fw_ae=d8b58f7bfce28eefcc1cdd5b95c3b663;app_id=ROKU_ADS_APP_ID

The TED video starts without any ads.

Any suggestions?
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Re: RAF sample useRokuAdsAsFallback = false

I get a "403 Forbidden" response when requesting that ad URL.  Sounds like it might require additional authorization of some sort.
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