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RAF bad ad

Not sure who to report this to, but the Purina ad returned by RAF is screwed up:
duration         15 
streamformat mp4
adid 267157
streams <Component: roAssociativeArray>
<Component: roAssociativeArray>
<Component: roAssociativeArray>

creativeid 511579
adtitle Purina_Q1_16_Video_Ad_Deal

The streams URLs are missing:
BrightScript Debugger> ?ad.streams[0]
width: 640
bitrate: 736
height: 360
url: h
mimetype: video/mp4

BrightScript Debugger> ?ad.streams[1]
width: 854
bitrate: 1472
height: 480
url: t
mimetype: video/mp4

BrightScript Debugger> ?ad.streams[2]
width: 1280
bitrate: 3072
height: 720
url: t
mimetype: video/mp4

showAds barfs with a bunch of those "may or may not be a real error" messages Smiley Wink :
RAF 1.5; rendering preroll pod of 1 ads
BRIGHTSCRIPT: ERROR: Runtime: FOR EACH value is Invalid: roku_ads_lib:/Roku_Ads.brs(2729)
*** ERROR: Missing or invalid PHY: 'h'
*** ERROR: Missing or invalid PHY: 't'
*** ERROR: Missing or invalid PHY: 't'
RAF 1.5; render failure: malformed data

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Re: RAF bad ad

I noticed the same behavior starting yesterday. It's not just the Purina ad. I also saw it on "SMWFTX30H_ABC_30s_creupdate" and several others. It looks like it may be fixed now, though, as the Purina ad specifically now includes valid MediaFiles.
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