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Channel Surfer

Push Notification

Can someone tell me if Roku will push new subscriber and cancellation transactions via web api for free channels if the developer is enrolled in billing? My channels are free and I show activity in the transactions so I'm assuming that this feature is supported. Can someone please confirm.

Thanks, Mike
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Channel Surfer

Re: Push Notification


It has been my experience that even though I see free transactions for channel installs, I do not get the push notifications for them.

I was testing the "issue service credit" endpoint by attempting to issue service credits of $0.01 to free transaction ids. These failed as I expected (since the transaction was originally $0), but I still received push notifications for these attempts. This actually isn't ideal in the live channel, since I haven't figured out a way to determine after the fact if the credit was successful. It does give a way to test the push notifications though....
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