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Problem with roPosterScreen

In my channel, I used a modified version of the showPosterScreen method from the simpleposter example to create a category list. I am having an issue with the index for the ContentList element. When you change the ListItem, the index persists when you change the List. This causes issues if you scroll to the 4th item under one list and then change the List and that only has 1 ListItem, therefore the item is not selected and is off the screen.

I tried to reset the index using the SetFocusListItem method, but I am getting a Member function not found error.

I have 2 questions:
1. The example uses SetIconArray which is not a documented method for roPosterScreen. I think it does the same thing as SetContentList, but want to make sure.
2. How can I reset the index for the ContentList to the first item when a new list (category) is selected?


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Re: Problem with roPosterScreen

1. Indeed, SetIconArray it does the same thing as SetContentList(). SetIconArray() is not documented because we deprecated that function. Thanks for pointing out we still have that call in a sample app. We will change that.
2. There are two indexes to track when changing the categories. The first is the current position in the filter bar and the second is the current position in the poster screens. The calls are:
Void SetFocusedList(Integer itemIndex)
Void SetFocusedListItem(Integer itemIndex)
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Level 7

Re: Problem with roPosterScreen

Got it. Looks like I misread it as FocusList instead of FocusedList. Thanks.
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