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Problem with DRMPARAMS on ContentNode

Hi!, I'm having problems assigning the drm params to a content node, when I show the content node on console, says that "DRMPARAMS: invalid". Does anyone have the same problem? all the other fields are correct.

This is my code:
           item = createObject("RoSGNode","ContentNode")
            'commented for debugging
            item.Actors = itemAA.Actors
            item.Categories = itemAA.Categories
            item.Description = itemAA.Description
            item.Directors = itemAA.Directors            
            item.HdBackgroundImageUrl = itemAA.HdBackgroundImageUrl
            item.HdPosterUrl = itemAA.HdPosterUrl
            item.ReleaseDate = itemAA.ReleaseDate
            item.StreamFormat = itemAA.StreamFormat
            item.Streams = itemAA.Streams
            item.Title = itemAA.Title
            item.Url = itemAA.Url
            item.EncodingKey = itemAA.EncodingKey
            item.EncodingType = itemAA.EncodingType
            if itemAA.doesExist("drmParams")
                'info only for demostration
                drmParams = createObject("roAssociativeArray")
       = "Verimatrix"
                drmParams.authDomain = "auth-value-from-streaming-provider"
                drmParams.serializationUrl = "hostname-url-from-streaming-provider"
               item.DRMPARAMS = drmParams
                ? "drm on parse"            
                ? item                
            end if         
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Re: Problem with DRMPARAMS on ContentNode

Ok, it was firmware related, updated to 9.0 and I can see the array now.
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