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Streaming Star

Postergrid images missing after visible true/false change

The app that I'm building has basically 2 different postergrids. The first is basically a main menu, which when an item is selected, it loads the second. The first postergrid I then hide by setting the visibility to false, and the newly loaded one I set to true. All that is working fine.
However, occasionally, when I go back to the main menu (by swapping visibilities), sometimes the images are no longer showing for the original postergrid. Do I need to reload the content before setting it visible again? Is it a memory issue? Is there some other function I need to call to force it to redraw the posters?
Any help would be appreciated.

* also, this doesn't happen all the time, and usually when it does, it seems like the postergrid content is still loaded, because the focus ring moves through the "invisible" boxes like they're still there, just no image..
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Roku Guru

Re: Postergrid images missing after visible true/false change

Try setting loadheight and loadwidth for the posters and see if it makes a difference?
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Streaming Star

Re: Postergrid images missing after visible true/false change

Were you able to solve this?

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