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Poster image won't load

I'm trying to debug why a poster image won't load on a poster screen.

1. No errors are thrown in console on port 8085 when the poster screen is shown
2. This is affecting both roSpringboardScreen and roPosterScreen
3. It's hosted on a site over HTTPS that has a valid wildcard certificate
4. I am setting the client cert file to "common:/certs/ca-bundle.crt" on the poster / springboard screen and initializing them properly
5. The image URL is valid and works in my browser and when placed on a different server also over HTTPS with a different cert
6. Other API calls I'm making to the same server are working just fine! Same certificate and everything.

Considering all of that, I can't explain why just these poster images are not loading, especially since Roku can connect to the server just fine when making roUrlTransfer requests to the same server with the same certificate that hosts the images!

Any ideas?
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Re: Poster image won't load

After using the system log to see what was going on, I'm getting a "handshakefailed" error. This is odd since I can make roUrlTransfer requests just fine to that URL. Seems like there are different requirements for SSL/TLS between roUrlTransfer and roPosterScreen related to the TLS version supported.

That led me to these posts:
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