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Roku Guru

Please give us onDestroy as an event

This is sort of required to cleanup the applications connection to the server. We presently and always have had problems when users press HOME during video playback. Our application sends progress updates. We can have the server "guess" during these times and assume that once progress updates are not sent for 60 seconds to assume the Roku user has pressed HOME. This works hit-n-miss and is simply a work-around.


This makes it wind up keeping tuners locked for our application which streams liveTV from an HD-Homerun. I am sure HD-Homerun people themselves would love onDestroy for the same reason I would. You get a chance in your application to give notice to the server of the stream that you are about to exit.


A short duration on top before the app is forcefully exited and terminated. Perhaps a 1 or 2 second allotment where we can quickly put code that must be sent to advise the server that transcoding or streaming must be terminated ASAP.


Please? Roku please listen to our prayers. You are our only hope. I am leaving this message in this r2d2 unit in the hope someone can help us. Please.

Roku Guru

Re: Please give us onDestroy as an event

I would like a confirmation pop-up, and if the user simply presses Home again or even just okay (the pop-up by default on YES), they exit and go Home, but at least gives person a chance to say no, and if they do nothing for 5 seconds then auto exit and go Home. I'm sure lots of people have accidentally hit Home when meaning to hit Back, and this would largely solve that. And for people who want to quickly exit, hitting Home twice quickly would be no bother.

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