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Level 7

PlayReady w Dash

My video content is DRM protected via PlayReady. I am not able to get it to play. Can someone verify my code looks correct for PlayReady?


Im tried it on multiple versions of Roku. In most cases its just a black screen. 


  sub init()
    metrics = CreateObject("roDeviceInfo")
    print "test"
    print metrics.GetModel()
    print metrics.GetDrmInfo()
  end sub

  function setVideo() as void
    videoContent = createObject("RoSGNode", "ContentNode")
    videoContent.url = "https://movie.mpd"
    videoContent.title = "Test Video"
    videoContent.streamformat = "dash"
    videoContent.encodingType = "PlayReadyLicenseAcquisitionAndChallenge"
    videoContent.encodingKey = "" + "%%%" + "PEtle...." ="musicvideos") = videoContent = "play"
  end function
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Level 7

Re: PlayReady w Dash

Here is the error msg I am getting:

LOG - VideoView - ERROR - Code 9, Message: buffer:loop:drm.prdy.licag.http.errorSmiley Very HappyRM exception: Http error 500:extra:clip_id:0:source:buffer:loop:drm.prdy.licag.http.error

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