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PlayOnRoku (15985) api docs for stream offset

Hi. I'm using the following curl format to send videos from my PC to my roku.

curl 'http://roku:8060/input/15985?t=v&u=https://video.mp4&k=(null)&videoFormat=mp4' -X POST

I noticed in the API docs that there may be a way to set an offset. I read some docs where the 

param could be useful. I tried it in the curl statement and it didn't work.
Does anyone know if the playonroku app has hosted documentation on all their GET variables? I'd love to be able to cast videos at a specific time so I avoid it using the remote. I've found a couple scattered docs on the web that looks like it was discovered via reverse engineering but nothing that contained a way to set an offset.
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Re: PlayOnRoku (15985) api docs for stream offset

Did you try PlayStart?
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Re: PlayOnRoku (15985) api docs for stream offset

"renojim" wrote:
Did you try PlayStart?

Yes, I tried that too and it didn't work. Here's an open source animation where I can test the options.

curl -X POST ""
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