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Payment channel subscription "upgrades"

I have 2 in-channel products, both monthly subscriptions. One for HD content and one for 4K. If someone subscribes to the HD content I would like to give them the ability to "upgrade" to the 4K subscription. The only way I can find to do this currently is to cancel the HD subscription and at the same time as they purchase the 4K subscription. This results in them recieving a cancellation and subscription email at the same time, which could get confusing.

Is there a slicker way to acheive this?


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Re: Payment channel subscription "upgrades"

I was wondering this same thing.  Another use case with the same issues is "upgrading" from a monthly subscription to a yearly subscription, where the yearly product has a discount over the monthly.

Any way to handle this upgrade seamlessly?
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Re: Payment channel subscription "upgrades"

Hi Ben, since you already have 'In-Channel' channels and I would like to set one up also but just wondering if you can clarify for me the below question asked when adding the In-Channel channel. The channel I want to add will have a monthly subscription so I'm not sure what the below is asking. I don't have any products for sale in the channel, I just want to be able to give a 3 day trial, then after that they can subscribe to the monthly subscription if they want to continue using the channel. I don't have any products for sale within the channel, only the channel itself for a monthly subscription so not sure what to select below. Thank you

*Cleared for Sale
Indicates whether or not the product should be available for sale within your channel. If the product is not cleared for sale, it will not be included in the list of items for sale that your channel fetches from the Roku service.
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