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Pay-to-install purchase/subscription bug???

Hello everyone. I have been told by developer support that there is a bug with multiple channels with a pay-to-install purchase/subscription getting error messages when users try to install one of these channels that "XXXXXXX channel installation failed. Cannot install XXXXXXX channel" Has anyone heard of this "bug"?? This is not making a whole lot of sense to me as these "pay-to-install purchase/subscription channels" just stopped installing for people on March 1st or 2nd. There has not been a software update for Roku since January so I'm not understanding what has happened here. I keep emailing developer support and keep getting vague answers as in "I don't have any additional information at this time". I'm having a hard time believing that after 2 weeks that no progress has been made in determining the problem??

Is anyone else aware of this problem??

Can anyone assist me or shed any additional light as to what's happened or going on? Developer support is taking days to get back to me.

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Re: Pay-to-install purchase/subscription bug???

I'm having the same problems with my channels. Some potential customers have emailed me to tell me that they saw the same error you describe.

My sales this month are about 10% what I expected after steady sales for a year or more, so it'd be nice to see it resolved.
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Re: Pay-to-install purchase/subscription bug???

Sounds like it might be related to this... viewtopic.php?f=34&t=93686
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Re: Pay-to-install purchase/subscription bug???

I was emailed a short time ago on my issue and this was their response......

"I am not sure when or if this issue will be resolved, it seems to be partially resolved as in I can't reproduce the problem, but I've had a bug open on this issue or at least a similar issue for a year now.

My suggestion would be to modify the channel to use our in-channel subscriptions instead of the up-front subscription format. You can add a free trial to your channel when you do it that way, and you can add this functionality fairly easily via the InstantTVChannel system which it looks like you are using – that way people can use it for free for a few days before they automatically start paying a monthly subscription.

This generally translates to more subscriptions as people get to try the content first without paying"

What is everyone using to build their channels? SDK? Etc.....

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