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Level 8

Pause/Rewind/Fast-Forward Not Working? [Solved]

For some reason, presses on the pause/rewind/fast-forward keys are not doing anything in my app. 

Here's my onKeyEvent() function:

Function OnkeyEvent(key, press) as Boolean
    print ">>> Details >> OnkeyEvent"
    print key;" (";press;")"
    result = false
    if press
      if m.videoPlayer <> invalid AND m.videoPlayer.visible
        if key = "back"
          print "DetailsScreen::back"
          result = true
        end if
      end if
     end if
    return result
End Function

The back key works, but pause/rewind/fast-forward do not.  

What am I missing?
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Level 7

Re: Pause/Rewind/Fast-Forward Not Working?

Those keys are being consumed by the Video node which currently has focus?
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Level 8

Re: Pause/Rewind/Fast-Forward Not Working?

Solved-- there was a function that was passing focus to the app buttons for some reason. With focus moved back to the Video node, the pause/rewind/fast-forward buttons are now working again.
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