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Orphaned objects

Hello Roku Gurus.
I'm getting orphaned objects. So far it never causes a crash on the device.
1. After a video I can end up with 80 - 1000 orphaned objects is that something to worry about?
2. Is there any way to get hints on what objects are orphaned?

The only information I get is:
Note: GC - Found XXX orphaned objects (objects in a circular ref loop).
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Re: Orphaned objects

These can be generated as stated by the GC because of circular references. This can mean that a child object created by a parent object contains a reference or pointer to its parent thus creating a circular reference. Parent holds reference to child, child holds reference to parent. You should be able to examine your own code, particularly associative arrays that reference each other. This can occur in some implementations of drill down XML parsing. As to how many can be stacked can "possibly" cause stack problems and eventually device failure. But this is unclear based upon previous posts
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