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On screen notification API for epc

Is there any chance that Roku will consider adding an API call for doing an on-screen notification? As our houses become more connected, this would be a great way to be notified of events.

For instance in my house we get notifications to our phones and computers when the washer and dryer are done, someone unlocks the door, I leave my office to come home, etc. This would be a great use for an on screen growl style notification. Another is caller ID.

I think this could be a simple call like:
Http://x.x.x.x:8060/notification?text=T ... r+are+done

It would also be nice if a small icon could be included (pulled from the web or locally and maybe must follow size and format guidelines?).

Note:I use the ECP as part of my Roku plugin for the HomeSeer Home Automation software. I can control and monitor my Roku and I'm overall happy with the API. This is one of the missing final pieces (the other is having a way to return search results instead of having to open them on-screen)
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Re: On screen notification API for epc

I am bumping this up as I think this could be a huge thing for home automation systems to send out notifications via Rokus.
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