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Channel Surfer

Re: Not Finding my Function

"destruk" wrote:
Most likely -
In your main.brs you have a wait statement and a while routine.

While TRUE
End While

What if you put code after that point?  When scenegraph closes it would then resume the main.brs thread there.
Standard rules about having a facade screen open to prevent the app from terminating apply.

Thanks again. I actually have it like this, just needed to move some stuff around. The original urltransfer is to check to make sure my "customer", not final user has kept their agreement, if all good it continued to check final user account etc. By moving some steps around I think I have it where it belongs. Thanks for advice.
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Channel Surfer

Re: Not Finding my Function

thanks destruk, I've been struggling a bit with adopting SG and you explained the relationship between SG and the main thread well.
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