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Streaming Star

Non English/Latin Languages support


I stumbled upon a question to which I can't find the answer for in the docs nor on the forums. A client is requesting multi language support for english and non-latin character languages like Thai. 

From what I know it should be possible to display Thai text in a Label if the right font is being set to the Label. But as far as I know it's not possible to set a font for the subtitles in the Video component and thus I don't know what will happen if the client sends a Thai subtitle and we set that to the Video component.

Does Roku support non-english character languages like Thai as subtitles? If not, is this going to be supported in the (near) future? 

p.s. I'm talking about the SceneGraph elements/components

According to Roku this should be possible through the subtitleTrack property. 
We haven't tested this yet!
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Binge Watcher

Re: Non English/Latin Languages support

Hi. I have an open ticket on this with our SceneGraph engineering team. At present it appears that support for 3rd party fonts for subtitles was inadvertently left out of RokuSceneGraph, So for now, the only approach that I can recommend is to use roVideoPlayer with roCaptionRenderer to render your subtitles. You will have to implement your own trick-mode for that (fast forward 3 levels / rewind 3 levels / play pause / instant replay). It is possible to use roVideoPlayer from the main Brightscript thread while most of your channel is scenegraph - our own RAF library currently does this.

 - Joel
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