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No audio on HLS streams created by PeerTube

I have looked through the Roku developer help and forums for this and not found anything that matches.

I am attempting to play HLS streams from PeerTube servers. Video is fine but there is no audio. An example stream is at

This plays correctly on MacOS QuickTime Player and VLC. The QuickTime app shows the video to be H.264, 1280x720 and the audio to be AAC 44100 Hz stereo (L&R).

It does not play correctly (no audio) on the Roku Stream Tester. The Stream Tester shows video as mpeg4_10b and "none" for the audio.

If this is a problem with the HLS streams being created by the PeerTube server software I would like enough information about what is wrong that I can submit a report to that project’s developers. If it is a limitation on the HLS capabilities of Roku, is there a work around?

Can anyone help me out?


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Re: No audio on HLS streams created by PeerTube

It seems to work fine in HLS.js player (  It may be something with the way they are generating the fragmentedmp4 outputs for an hls stream (combined video/audio) which under streaming protocols indicate the below.

Audio/video chunk format

video: TS, CMAF
audio: aac, ac3, eac3

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