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No audio for some live content.

Hi all

I have a channel that contains live channels. Recently I got a customer complaint saying some of the live channels do not have audio. But I checked from my end all the channels audio are working fine. What is the issue here?

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Re: No audio for some live content.

One customer (even if multiple complaints from them), or several customers?

If a single customer their receiver, sound bar, TV, HDMI or optical cable, (or even mute button) could be the issue and you'd be on a wild goose chase.  If you have heard it from more than one customer that's could be an actual issue.

We used to put a customer complaint like that (unrelated to Roku development) into a suspected issue "basket", do a quick test to see if we could recreate it, and if not pend it for a second complaint, which we then escalated for a deeper dive.  

The majority of those single complaint issues evaporated on their own, which of the course the customer would rarely inform us of.

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Re: No audio for some live content.

I'd agree with @sjb64 that it probably has something to do with that customer's setup.  Check the audio type on a stream that works vs. one that doesn't.

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