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New Roku Channel Development

Can any one help me with this setup, I have setup a
Private Channel for beta testing before I go live with the Public Channel. now so far i got every thing to work as far as playing mp4 files but when it comes to live streaming I keep hitting a wall.

What I am looking to do is stream my live webcam and I am using vlc player to stream my live stream now I will point out my channel is using xml to pull the mp4 hosted videos but as far as the tring to find the right cod to use with xml to may it play on the roku player but I keep hitting a way, so far this is what I have tryed to set it

1) I use as my ip is no static ip so I have to use no-ip as a dynamic dns provider
2) I use vlc player to broadcast in mp4 format
3) I have tryed to setup an m3u8 file with the url in it that links to my mp4 live broadcast

Please not that I have then up loaded the m3u8 file on to my websever and tryed to get a friend on an other isp network to open the url of the m3u8 file in vlc player and he can see my test broadcast in his vlc player

Below you will see a copy of the xml i am using to try and get the roku player to open the live stream but is will just now open can cset there eye over this and tell me are my missing some think ?

Or if any one would now of any other way to do this then please do say as im all ears and open to new idear.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<item sdImg="http:// this where I put my url for the jpg i use">
<title>Live Stream</title>
<streamUrl>http://this is where i put my url of the m3u8 file</streamUrl>
<synopsis>Live Feed Test</synopsis>
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