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Need help with a game for the Roku

I'm an old school programmer with several ideas for games and apps for the Roku player, One game is an addictive poker game called Solo-Poker Double Draw .

I'm the original programmer and hold the Copyright (1994) to the game and all the source code / graphics.

The game was written entirely in QuickBasic 4.5 and runs on the PC- DOS 3.1 to Windows XP.

What I am offering is a 60%(you)/40%(me) deal to have this poker game recoded for the Roku player, I figure it should sell for around $2.99 to $3.99 per copy.

I have a package of JPG (screen shot) photos that gives an overview of the game, I will also provide a freeware copy of the PC game to any interested party.

Please email if interested.

Sincerely, Matt from GRIDWORKS

Edit: The offer has been accepted, Thank You !
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Re: Need help with a game for the Roku

I know it's been 9 years but I'm a huge fan of this game and wanted to say thanks! I wish it were available on Android. 

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Re: Need help with a game for the Roku

Hi, and thanks for the game Double Draw Solo Poker. It is very addictive and can be a bit frustrating, as it seems that the stars must be aligned properly to get co-operation from the 10 cards turned down at the start. I can't find any strategy guide on google. I have a question, how does the game decide how many points you get from a full house? Sometimes 300 and sometimes 400, I cant see the rhyme or rhythm. I am tedrs on the top 10 monthly hall of fame as of now. I have yet to break into the all time hall of fame. And I agree with the fellow who said he would like to see it on android. Thanks again, Ted. PS Why does the computer cheat so much and withhold the card I need to make my last royal flush?  LOL

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Re: Need help with a game for the Roku

@Tedrockk, the computer never cheats! 😜

Keep in mind that your score is based on the five card hand in each row/column, so your intermediate score based upon fewer than five cards isn't the final score you'll receive for that row/column.  In order to get a full house you had to already receive the score for two pair or three of a kind.  Once you place that last card to complete the full house your score will only increase by the difference between the score you already received for four cards and the full house score.


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