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Need Developer to finish channel ASAP

Looking for a developer with experience using Instant TV Channel. Need to set up In-Channel Purchasing within Instant TV Channel on a pre-existing channel. Also need to fine tune artwork, Vimeo stream URLs, and assist with configuring the channel in my Roku Developer Account.

This was the last fix list that we received from Roku:

1. SDTV mode: The listscreen background images are not sized appropriately (see attachment: sdtv). SDTV mode has a resolution of 720x480 with a 0.9 pixel aspect ratio.

2. Please adjust the ButtonNormalColor to increase legibility (see attachment: button_text_colors).

3. Playback issues: Content in “Heaven, with Randy Alcorn” does not play correctly on certain devices (seen on Roku TVs and Roku 2XS - 3100x). Audio is heard over a black screen. A similar issue was addressed in update 282 on the instanttvchannel platform. Please update your package and re-upload to the Roku developer portal if you’re not on the latest build and we’ll see if that fixes it.

4. Channel Store posters: These images need to use broadcast safe RGB levels (16-235 rather than 0-255).

5. Before you submit/resubmit, it’ll help greatly to review our pre-certification checklist.

Please send an email or text with estimate & availablility. I would like to resubmit the channel for approval ASAP

Thank you,
Sue Doc Ross
619-733-8980 mobile/text
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