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Reel Rookie

My channel is not updating

Hello, my Roku APP "Stream Uno TV" does not update since April 4, 2023. I am trying to add and update the channels, I do the usual process in direct publisher and it does not update. Does anyone have the same problem as can you help me? I speak Spanish.//Hola, mi Roku APP "Stream Uno TV" no se actualiza desde el 4 de Abril del 2023. Estoy tratando de anadir y de actualizar los canales, hago el proceso de siempre en direct publisher y no se actualiza ¿Alguien tiene el mismo problema que me pueda ayudar? Hablo espanol.

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Reel Rookie

Re: My channel is not updating

I've encountered this on one of my Direct Publisher channels too. My JSON file was on my Amazon S3 drive. I noticed that I couldn't just upload and overwrite my JSON file. I had to actually delete the file from Amazon S3 and reupload it to my Amazon S3 drive. This fixed it for me. Not sure if this is a common solution, but it works for me this way.

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